Saturday, November 26, 2011

rocking swizzy

well, not me - i keep punting, but others are rocking: that GU and DANIEL are rocking is something you can expect ;) nevertheless NICE ONE with "big paw, 8C" at chironico!!!

next one to crush was RONNY BIRCHLER, a local climber from brunnen, switzerland with whom i had many nice bouldering-sessions at sustenpass and ticino. this year he he had a very nice run, climbing faster and faster through nice and hard lines, like "red snapper, 8A+" and "pit bull, 8A+" at sustenpass. however his main interest was an ascent of the rarely repeated fred nicole classic of "le reve de faire, 8B", sustenpass.

ronny birchler made his dream come true: "le reve de faire, 8B", sustenpass. pic by

many times he was climbing through the hardest parts, but he was going down on the very last move again and again... he nearly made me crazy as he once climbed twice in the same session into the last moves and on his third go he just missed the finishing-jug by millimeters... but he finally made it happen and toped out that very nice line.

and this week he climbed through the beautiful "dulcifer, 8B" - WAY TO GO!!!

"GU" climbing the perfect line of "dulcifer, 8B". pic by

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