Wednesday, November 9, 2011


my friend Guntram Jörg or just "GU" as we call him is going totally crazy this fall. already during the last two years he did a LOT of 8A's and harder and usually super quick. it was clear that there was still some potential to be unleashed and this fall he just cut loose! 

after he spent some days at his homebase and repeated the short and super hard bernd zangerl problem "anam cara, 8C" he started to do with the 8B's what he did last years with the 8A's. climbing them in just a few tries, in some minutes - SICK!!! 

short and super hard. the masterpiece. anam cara, 8C, silvretta. pic by dominic hadwiger

when i heard from him that he climbed "vecchio leone, 8B" and "general disarray, 8B"  - two of the hardest 8B's in ticino - right after the other then i was deeply impressed. especially when you watch him climbing "general disarray" and making the crux-pinch-move looking like 6A - and i tell you that move is HAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!

here some pic's to enjoy and don' forget to watch the movies!

vecchio leone, 8B. THE perfect HARD line in brione. pic by dominic hadwiger

general disarray, 8B. another brione-gem. HARD pinch-move!

shadowfax, 8B. THE chironico-crimper-testpiece. the following move is sooooo violent - AUTSCH....

an "easy" FA in between the hard stuff. pure-addicion, 8A+, chironico.

one of the best lines in ticino. boogalagga, 8B, chironico

watch them in BIG and HD

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