Saturday, May 14, 2016

the near send, part 6 - the glorious moment

well i have another one for you. after slipping twice after all the hard climbing i rested for over 2hrs. the conditions just were so good and they even improved. more wind. colder. and you always have another try... don't you?! and at 0:30AM i did start for another try. using all my new micro beta i made sure to NOT slip from any FOOTHOLD. and to my upmost surprise all the heels and toes stayed...

unbelievable.....IT FINALLY WORKED... right arm was getting tired but my left felt still strong. i was very close on falling on the second last move cause of this tired right arm. but somehow managed to stay on...

so i was up there for the VICTORIOUS MOVE TO THE LIP...

...started to pull on with (the still fresh) left arm... but WATCH yourself.... hahahaha....

somehow managend to dry fire with my left hand. at least my feet stayed - but somehow you can slipp off with your hands as well, can't you?!

but giving in is just not an option. there is some foe-wind in the forecast. so i will be back. already curious what magic i will produce to mess it up one more time... i am sure i will have something very creative for you on my next blog... hahaha

Monday, May 9, 2016

the near send, part4 and part5

thanks to to the magic "foen-wind" a 30min drive is all you need from snowy winter in the north to sunny summer in the south.... loving swizzy :)))))

i did make perfect use of the "foen-wind"....  and did look closely why i lost this heel last time (part3), there was a little "bulb" there in the rock where i slipped, i placed to heel 5cm lower.. and it slipped not when i arrived next time up there. but to make things not too easy i did choose to go for this:

slipping from the left foothold... should not, but can happen... bad luck... blalala

30 min later on my next try i did really make it again up to there; did concentrate on my left foot AND:

... somehow i managed to copy part 4 perfectly.... so strong... hahahahah... madness is lurking around the corner... *%&"+*&/(/é£_è

Thursday, May 5, 2016

the near send, part 3

well i finally made it through the hard part again.... did not loose any heel in the hard part, (thanx to new micro beta) and then this happened:

well, i am afraid, no real excuse this time... but i still managed to go down true-martin-style.... hahah... to be continued

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

the near send, part2

well i have another one for you :) next day i had another shoe with me, guess what happened next???

well this time my heel broke on the left and right; may its time for a new shoe... hahaha....

i am already wondering WHAT WILL GO WRONG next time... the motto for me down here seems to be; WHAT CAN GO WRONG WILL GO WRONG... well never mind. I WILL BE BACK...  more serious punting ahead... hehehe