Monday, November 14, 2011

GU again...

while the americans are on a impressive take-down-mission in magic wood and chironico (check out "the lowdown-news" and "") GU continues to flow through whatever he jumps on.

i know its kind of boring. all my recent news are the same: gu sends one (hard) boulder after another and i just fall down every time on the last move of my project. but that just shows how different a bouldering life can be. what starts to annoy me is that i can't take advantage of that exceptional perfect fall-conditions to climb on all that other nice boulders out there when i continue to fall on that last move. so its time for me to finish up my business up there in the mountains that i can move forward!

this time gu was in the murgstal again. he even had to try for 2days this time - what an epic ;) its a very nice, classic line which got his FA by "FRED" himself some weeks ago (no name yet). should be somewhere in the 8B+ area and waits there to be climbed more often... check gu's blog for the story.

another HARD and NICE one. "gu" in the murgstal. pic by

as its "sur le fil, 8B+" another unrepeated 8B+ from fred which was put up some 8years ago...  we checked the line last week and its a nice one as well! some 3-4 super hard moves up a steep bulge and a very tiny "non-hold" as a crux-crimp. GU is on his way to get a more detailed view of that line as well... stay tuned for more...

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