Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3-2-1-.... more EPIC

the road to sustenpass is closed, you have to walk in 40min. but that also means no disturbing organ-donaters on their bikes anymore, no cars, just the mountains and you ;) the weather, conditions and scenery are truly amazing right now. its just sooooooooo nice up there and in between getting stoned by nature you can climb a little bit as well ;) so back i was at the highlander for another try...

and i managed to go down on the very last hard move (again)....

down in the pads i first really started to think its may still just this little tiny bit too hard, but up there in the crux i felt strong as never before. over 6weeks ago i already went down at that move, but by now i feel WAY stronger... BUT:

i got cold fingers (again, from trying so hard and pushing all the blood out of my fingers, may i am just to FAT!!!) but climbed further up (unlike last time) even with a feeling of grabbing around in a ice-box (scary!). then i used my "new" beta (which worked perfectly) but in the middle of the crux i had to stop and desperately started to try to shake in order to get rid of the total numbness. it kind of worked, i climbed one move up but then i lost it on the last hard move - the "restingposition" (which is in no way such a thing) just took out the power for the last move...

so the power is here and with just a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit less cold fingers i don't have to "wait" for my fingers to get blood into the tips again and then i WILL make it to that final few 7A-moves which will give me the fight of my life... - but i can fight hard, and i WILL!

as the winter still holds back i still hope to get that one, perfect "EPIC" try!

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