Thursday, November 17, 2011

well... GU again...

... what else - it seems nothing can stop him... ;) this time it was two repetitions of HARD and BEAUTiFUL problems which have been put up by FRED in swizzy.

the first repetition of SUR LE FIL, 8B+ (put up some 8years ago). 

and an ascent of the amazing DULCIFER, 8B --> check out his blog at

perfect line, perfect problem: DULCIFER, 8B. pic by

and Sean McColl finished his VERY impressive swizzy-trip with an ascent of the "dagger, 8B+" and came even close of sending the "story of two worlds". check his profile here: sendage..

LOW GRAVITY DAYS in swizzy as it seems... hmmmm, but i am still waiting for the low gravity to hit for myself... but well for me its more the cold then the gravity that makes me going down... 

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