Wednesday, February 27, 2013

233 days to go; training - and after training


the problem with "normal" weight-machines is that you never have the same resistance over the whole exercise, so the exercise is somehow "ineffective". you can also not precisely control the amount of power used, what can be dangerous in terms of reinjury when you pull too hard. so there is this computer-controlled high-tech-machine that regulates the resistance so you need all the time the same power to pull/push. it also releases the resistance when i apply too much power... nice safety-mechanism! funny stuff this machine! how about such things to train with for climbing related muscles???


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

240 days (8m) to go - keeping the motivation high...

i can't believe i made it 4months (plus two more weeks before surgery) without climbing. but with 100% workload, up to 5times physio-therapy/week and some nice parties going on - time is running down fast. as i have a clear vision of what will be in 8months from now (highlander - yessss) and a lovely girlfriend who takes care of me - i am even able to enjoy the different lifestyle (the physio and party-part) at the moment... ;) 

sitting is still an issue and last week i had stretched my hamstrings too hard and suffered for some days... but i am still getting a little bit better every day. 2weeks and i will be on my first little jog again, 8weeks and i will be on my first 4a-top-rope again. can't wait for that, but i have to hold myself back as my tendons still need time to properly heal onto the bone.

i am sure many of you will already have seen the movies below. otherwise i highly recommend to watch them. i was just blown away when i had seen the first two "scarred for life" episodes from nathan bancroft from and i just can't stop watching them. the music fits so well, the (filming and) editing is just outstanding. the two episodes show pure dedication, from the climbers and from the filmmaker. in my eyes they are amongst the very few climbing flicks that really catch and transport the process and they really got not just the climbing, the got "IT"!!!*

*but be cautious, may you don't want to watch them as they can make you want to go bouldering NOW!!! "arrrghhh" - i want to go bouldering - NOW!!! ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013


more and more interests are playing into the usage of the area of the magic woods of fontainebleau. so its important to be (stay) in organisation s who have direct access to where policies are made how these area will be regulated in the future!

so please help font; tell all your friends and subscribe this petition

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the secret is unlocked!!! how to get down to 6.6% bodyfat in 3months?

well, just sit around for three months, EAT and DRINK.. and PARTY...;)

physiotherapy just really kicked in, and for a general overview my body just got scanned. i told them i was basically sitting at home for the last three months... they ended up doing the scanning twice as they did not believe the results ;) at 181cm and 73kg,  the result was 6.6% (4.8kg) bodyfat - thats considered pretty low for a workout called "just hanging in a couch for months..." ;)

 to give you the details of my last 3months workout, i posted some pics below... ;)

after i got my results from the scan i was pretty hungry. so i was looking for some tasty and healthy food... look what i found... ;)