Thursday, March 12, 2015

perfect days

at first it was not that perfect... after my ascent of "insanity of grandeur" i rested for a week, then got a bad flu. after 3weeks of lay-down-time i was ready to hit the outdoors again and i had some amazing days in deep pow some 30minutes away from home. 

but then it took me some time to get back in climbing shape. i decided to work a bit on my anti-style and after quite some days of effort i finally was  fit again and was able to climb the stunning line of the new classic "il portici, 8A+" (felt hard, but it felt good to climb something harder on my anti-style). 

last week i finally tricked myself once again and was able to link the heinous start sequence of "big-cat" for the first time into the standing start... - felt finally strong again. just to get shut down on the moves two days later like a beginner... hahaha... time to get strong again... looks like i have a new project... - perfect days :)