Sunday, August 7, 2011

american SDS II _ the end?

i wrote carlo an email about his "sds" and carlo responded to the "american-sds"(for details follow the link)

as i thought its a "cultural-thing". he was used (from home) to just take the (defined) startingholds and not to (in every case) sitdown. its not a BIG thing for me, as carlo is by far strong enough to climb all the problems from sitting - BUT:

nevertheless i think its important to stress that if (especially; well known, world class ) climbers release media to the world they should get familiar with local rules (ethics) to not spread wrong rules/ethics. carlo wrote that he climbed also with local people. i really wonder how "local" (or shy) they were to not give carlo and team usa a hint to SIT down for sitdownstarts.