Tuesday, January 12, 2016

its all about motivation

winter is rushing in in the north of swizzy with LOADS of snow and cold temps in the mountains. so sustenpass is off. highlander has to wait for another 4months.... in the ticino the two months of pure sun and no rain have come to an end as well. "big cat" is soaking wet (have fun topping that out... haha) and generally spoken the conditions are not the best if you want to climb in the higher areas of leventina, verzasca or bavona... (but cresciano should be quite ok). so it would be a good idea to get some rest (for the injured finger(s)) and start "training" later...  especially if the conditions are like that: (turn up the volume)

...most would rest or train on such an afternoon/evening... it would be way more efficient for sure... but i want to climb... not to be "efficient"... and actually it was a GREAT evening all by myself (and some deers) - all the sequences done in "ninja-skills"... my "impossible" dream-line becomes suddenly possible... still feels nails... but loving THIS PROCESS ;)