Thursday, June 26, 2014

back in the game

after this shitty cold i finally feel good again.... managed to go down twice in a day on the last two moves of the "highlander"-project - "cold" fingers again.... and came close to enter the second crux of the low start to "gepresster hase"... but weather does not look good anymore at all.... one more dry day... but thats all you need - isn't it ;)

Friday, June 20, 2014

the cold, the heat and the sickness

i feel like the king of rest days at the moment. after freezing off on the finishing holds from the "highlander"-project and the lower start to "gepresster hase" for one month it finally got warmer. bad luck i got stuck in train for a few hours and thanks to the crazy climate-aggregate i catched a shitty cold.

i was not able to climb for over ten days, had too much work, not enough sleep and consequently still feel super tired and in need for at least three rest days. so i "lost" three weeks and that really sucks as the conditions were and are just perfect and i was in perfect shape as well. but well - thats life - have to fight my way back *%&£>_:"" - at least that boulder will sit on its place for another few years... - so no hurry...  ;)