Monday, September 26, 2011

2nd ascent of "DEADALUS" - its ON when its ON...

one week ago: sustenpass dumped with snow

sunday: no snow anymore, 14C, bit clouds, sunny, some wind, nice people around, good relaxed atmosphere - PERFECT!!!

having a great fun day at sustenpass. do u find dai in this pic?
pic © ikuko serata (from dai's blog).

then dai koyamada made use of the very nice conditions and grabbed the first repetition of "DEADALUS, 8B+". you should see the vid - its pure pleasure to watch him climb that proud line! 
next was the 3move problem "viagra 8A/+" and to finish up the day with style he climbed through "le reve de faire, 8B". more info on his blog.

dai koyamada flying up "deadalus, 8B+" without burning his wings. 
ikuko serata gets the action on vid. 
pic © (click on the pic to see it larger)

i am into "epic-mode" again and managed to go down on the last hard move on the "highlander-project" - a great fight, a new highpoint and it was CLOSE - grrrrrrrrrr!!! 

the second-last-hard-move - on the next move (the LAST hard) i went DOWN. 
pic © ikuko serata

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