Monday, April 21, 2014

stronger then my body

t looks like i have a special ability to push my body beyond its limits. thats not always to my body's benefit. one and a half years ago i managed to rip my hamstrings of the bone... , and now it looks like i managed to tear my hamstrings while climbing on "insanity" - i did not feel a "pop" or anything like last time, just the next day my muscle was very sore... so i really hope it's just a tear (and not an avulsion like last time). i tried "insanity" again with as less weight on my right heel as possible... but with a boulder on which nearly every move is out of a right heel this is a bit strange to say so... i managed to climb twice again up to the third last move... but because of "over gripping" so hard (to avoid hooking) ... i was just too tired to keep "not really using" my right heel... that's a bit of a shame cause i really have the start finally dialed... (the new shoe!!!) - but i will have to give the hamstrings some rest... may i will try in a few weeks if its not too hot by then... or i will have to wait till next fall. BUMMER.

here i have to pull with my right leg.... not fresh enough anymore to "campus" that move....
so instead of going for "insanity" again i wanted to make use of my "endurance-power" and made my way right into "der mit dem fels tanzt" and tried to climb it without a kneepad. i really have nothing against climbing with kneepads. i did the FA of "der mit dem fels tanzt" with a kneepad as well! it avoids serious bruising and keeps your climbing pants in one part - but it really makes a difference if you climb the "einfisch-part" with or without a kneepad... and as i really like this boulder and as i did have to pull with my right heel... i went for it.

i made my way twice up into the "einfisch-part" and went down second go on the big slap-move to the edge... (see pic below) that was nice... but then i climbed the ending for "training" again... was really tired when coming to the big slap-move, pressed like hell and felt like a ligament in my right knee (not the left from the hook!!!) "jumped" - it did not "pop"...

powerhouse nico ready for the move i went down on link... crux-move4sure - even if you can go down on the mantel as well (as i did for about 20times....) !!!

so again i managed to hurt myself... looks like (when i am tired) i can push just too hard... so hard that some part of my body has to give in... may i should stop climbing (when i am getting (too) tired...) - it's clearly not fun to hurt myself again and again...!!!

BUT i have an excellent "PLAN B" - a plan where i don't need to hook with my right leg.... in fact it's more a "PLAN A"... stay tuned.... ;)

on the way to "Plan B".... which is more of a "plan A"

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