Monday, December 16, 2013


as i checked the weather forecast the other day i nearly went crazy: very unusual warm air was filling  into the higher mountains and so sustenpass got some 6+C and that over night as well (very important, so the rock does not cool down too much). to top that humidity was as low as you normally never see it in swizzy. despite still feeling shitty and weak after two weeks with an influenza-virus, i had no real choice - off i was to sustenpass again ;) because the road was closed and some serious snow there was a bit of logistics to be handled.... ;)

temps and humidity at sustenpass - totally crazy for the season - especially the warm nights what means the rock does not get too cold - what means you don't get cold fingers too fast... - what means you may have a chance... so go and TAKE IT!!!

below and above the fog - i LOVE the mountains :)

the hike will start soon - not your usual bouldering equipment... ;)

good thing there are "split boards" - saves A LOT of time on the way back and you can have some fun after climbing as well... ;)

getting ready on the "hasi-project" - the scenery and grip were just incredible...

just a shame my power was gone after nearly two weeks of "influenza-down-time" :( 
at least i managed to reclimb the sequences. at first i even wasn't able to do one single move...

so i went for some "not-so-max-moves" - but no chance on the "highlander" as well.... but at least i tried... you never know... you really have to go for it!!! and even if i punted around like a beginner - it was a great day. it was warm, perfect friction, great climbing, very quiet and just sooooo beautiful, can't get much better!!!

back at the car after the ride down... beautiful isn't it?! going home...???

well "another home" ;)  as it's just a 45min ride - i went to chironico for a little endurance-night-session - working hard to get back in shape!!! 


  1. haha, great! sounds more like possession by boulder demons to me. dude, you seriously need some proper exorcism. just visit fj in december and every desire to go bouldering outside will be gone immediately and forever ;-)

  2. thats exactly why i don't visit fj in december ;) and what can be better then move on the best moves, with sun all over the place and perfect friction... sometimes i am just fed up with hanging around in dark caves... so up there i will be again... - just two more moves.. ;)

  3. Wow... it's just beautiful up there now!!!

  4. Dang... das sieht wirklich fantastisch aus! Du bist ja wieder voll am rupfen. Prima!