Monday, November 4, 2013

failed twice..

failure one was so typical: when i am finally fit and strong as never before something else goes wrong... at least i did not injure myself as i managed to do it last year! but weather turned cold and humid... i just could not feel the holds anymore... and it looks like i just don't get another (warmer) day for that "half-move" more and i have to wait another 7months to try again on the highlander. just one day too late with my peak fitness.... *arrrrggggghhhhhh* - or was it that 10days i missed with a sliced fingertip... or the 10days of constant bad weather in "prime season"... or that spring/summerseason i could just climb with my right leg cause of a broken meniscus (and still managed to go down on the last move....)  - just excuses - just not strong enough - yet - weather i can't change - but my fitness i can - and i WILL... ;)

only 5minutes of sun was not enough for me - just too cold - but it's beautiful... isn't it... still after 10years... ;)

so next year (if i don't get it in may/june) i will not make a summer-breake... instead use the "colder mornings" of the warm summer days to fight my "cold-finger-problems". BUT the downside then is that the friction is usually quite bad, there is a lot of rain and so the holds seep forever... but when you are just strong enough you at least can go "à muerte" - and kill it... ;)

failure two was typical as well: "there is just no lucky-strike" for me up there! as i went for the "verschärfter hase"-project and even managed to stick the crux move for the first time - i just dry-fired of thanx to my frozen fingertips.... F*** THAT!!!! but i will be back... at least that one WILL go down this season - even if i have to hike up through 1m of snow and climb it with gloves - WORD!!!

crux-crimp... needs some body tension to get there...

catching it totally extended... must be way easier if just 5cm taller... but love it the way it is ;)

big second last move from that shitty crimp left hand.... to a ok sidepull right hand

holding the swing....  so close to victory...

just dry-fired off the ok side-pull righthand - still crimped right hand... *outsch*

no comment... ;)

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