Tuesday, May 7, 2013

half time: 6 months post surgery... slow but steady progress

just had my 6months post surgery appointment with my doc. after checking the newly made mri-picture its clear that everything is on its place, but its also visible that the tendons are still in the healing-process!   so everything is going on like it should be and i am very thankful for that!

my hamstrings 6months ago...
...and the newly attached hamstrings back there where they belong

overall i am doing really good, but i can feel how weak and tight my hamstrings still are. lots of "daily stuff" is just not possible yet, some disconfort here and there.... but nothing against how i was doing before surgery!

i still have quite a journey in front of me. but i am happy that i am now cleared to really step up with training and to go for 100% in the next few weeks. i really lack coordination and speed as well, so we started to work on that in pt....

doing "baby-kicks" at pt to get some speed back in my legs
- it just did not got higher yet with my leg - had to laugh about myself and my "baby-kicks" ... ;)

climbing wise i am doing better and better and i can feel how some power is coming back on the holds (feels great actually!). it looks like the campus and hangboard-training at the climbing-gym really pays off. also angela makes great progress but we both are still far away from a one-arm pull up though... ;) but while climbing i can feel that you quite often need two ok legs, especially when it gets steep. i just can't pull down full weight with my right leg yet... but i am working on that!

slowly getting back in "shape"... ;)

first time ever i did some "real training" like campusing for more then two times in row... it actually even can make fun... - sort of.. ;)

once the weather gets better (horrible spring so far...) i may will make my firsts (easy) steps back on real rock soon. but i have to be careful no not slip on pads and going into splits... so we will see. gym provides much more safety as the ground is flat and not moving when you come down. 3more months and i will be cleared to fully heelhook again... still bit scared when i think for that moment to come... but we are working with exercises in pt on that as well. till then training (2-3times pt and 2-3times climbing) to get ready for the "highlander" in fall...  the "kraft-stoff"-diet will help as well ... ;)

"kraft-stoff" keeps you STRONG - thanx again ingo ;)

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