Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the secret is unlocked!!! how to get down to 6.6% bodyfat in 3months?

well, just sit around for three months, EAT and DRINK.. and PARTY...;)

physiotherapy just really kicked in, and for a general overview my body just got scanned. i told them i was basically sitting at home for the last three months... they ended up doing the scanning twice as they did not believe the results ;) at 181cm and 73kg,  the result was 6.6% (4.8kg) bodyfat - thats considered pretty low for a workout called "just hanging in a couch for months..." ;)

 to give you the details of my last 3months workout, i posted some pics below... ;)

after i got my results from the scan i was pretty hungry. so i was looking for some tasty and healthy food... look what i found... ;) 


  1. I always thought you were a fat bastard! :-)

    I'm kind of similar, ate >10kg chocolat last year but it did not matter...


  2. Probably you just even had less before ;-) How is your leg doing?