Monday, May 2, 2011


during the last weeks at the "fisch" i have nearly forgotten what FRICTION means. during the last sessions at the "fisch" it was mainly a fight against loosing the holds cause of the "non-friction". once easy parts got pretty hard and slippery. caracteristically for the last two months the latest "fisch"-session ended near the highpoint cause of a sliding foothold - something that had not happend at that part for weeks!!! so the "fisch-season" ended how it was the entire time for the last 2moths; with something going wrong...

another argument for magic; andrea (the owner of 1001bloc) with a nice "energy-bar" ;)
on the way home i made the FRICTION-TEST. i stopped at magic wood and despite beeing evening and getting bit humid i was blown away about the FRICTION. i was super tired and trashed, but as i put my hand at the rock it was just sticking there - CRAZY the diffrence to some hours before in the ticino. with THAT friction at the "fisch" - it woud be not more then a walk in the park anymore :) 

better use of the "warmth"; taking it easy like our cat. pic by angela
its definitely time for a change: its no fun anymore to just fight against conditions, when at the same time you kow that all the moves woud feel completley different with 10C less. i will go back in fall and i will let the conditions (the cold) do the work for me. allready psyched for the walk through the fisch in the COLD!!!

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