Friday, February 4, 2011


edit: to put it in the right context: it looks like somebody got real pissed about my previous "fire-post"...

...strange things happen these days (in cresciano)… somebody watching and taking pics secretly, then anonymously (not under a real, full name) posting first weird, strange, then aggressive comments on my little blog. then finally (after 8posts!!!) spraying wrong accusations and producing gossip that I made “an open fire with an msr-burner to make coffee”. All that crap was loaded on my blog in a pretty offensive way, instead of talking personally to me as there was obviously the opportunity to and clear the matter on place – that seems like the behaviour of a REAL man to me… !!!

just for the record: I DID NOT MAKE ANY FIRE - NOR COFFEE (I don’t even drink coffee at all!!)

what happened that day is that I met a couple I know from the climbing-gym and THEY were making some coffee (right next to me) with an msr-burner.

 making coffee with an msr burner is way less dangerous
even if using an msr-burner is tecnically an “open fire” (and therefore not “alloud”), I woud reckon that PRACTICALLY (in the means of fire-danger) there is a HUGE diffrence between an open fire (espcecially placed right on a tree) and making a coffee on a msr. also lightening cigarrets is tecnically an "open fire" (I DON’T smoke) and practically way more dangerous (when thrown away not fully off) then an msr-burner. There where may 50+ people smoking that day in cresciano, but the anonymous poster (may he even smokes too?!) did not even bother about that?!

then a cigarette and...
in the contradiction to the anonyomus poster i see it not personally but PRACTICALLY. and PRACTICALLY “regular” open fires are the biggest fire-hazzards and the most visible for the local-population. if a “normal open fire” gets “officialized” in a world-wide spread video I feel that it is necessary to speak out that making “open-fire” is NOT OK. If I see somebody making (carefully) a coffee on a msr (and not spread it on a video) or somoking a cigarette I personally don’t have any problems with that.

...especially an open fire literally on the roots of a tree

there is no point in making this to a personal, hating – whatever-story.

for most people it does not seem to be a problem but for the very few who do not understand how to communicate: a bit of “netiquette” for my little blog if you want your comments to be published:

- I will not allow “anonymous” posts. If you have to say something post with your FULL REAL name (or a link to it, if I don’t know you). otherwise your comment will not be published.

-don’t fool arround, if you have to say something say it straight.

-be respectful, I don’t want haters to spray arround in my little blog.

-if you have something personal, don’t hesitate to talk to me "on place" if you have the opportunity to or send me a mail.

thanx, martin


  1. This could happen:

  2. Yo Martin

    Nothing more to say...
    It's sad that the most of all peeps seem to lose their common sense :-(

    bis bald im wald