Thursday, December 16, 2010

from snow to sun, its up to you to choose - swizzy offers it all.. ;)

monday-wednesday it snowed a lot in the northern part, but the ticino in the south was protected by the alps from the bad weather.

waiting for the bus at home. no its NOT in the mountains its just some 400m avove sea level...

so getting the pads jump into the train - travel for 4hrs to the sun (2hrs by car)

shortly before cresciano. it was sunny, but windy too so therefore pretty COLD to climb

the sheeps in cresciano are wondering that somebody is WALKING up and not driving. they gave me theier nicest smile ;)

in cresciano i just played arround on various boulders, tried to stay warm and get back in shape after a 3week breake. i met paul (robinson) again who was trying the stunning dave graham compression test-piece: "confessions". we had a nice chat about this and that, dicussed some beta, looked out for some warming sun and he showed me some NICE footage of his ascent from the "dirt-leftexit". its nice to see that despite he is climbing all that super hard stuff he is still really down to earth.

the "killer-line" of confessions. if you are into comperssions-bouldering you MUST try that!!! as i have no pic from paul i post one from me ;) back in 2008 - i love the light! wished there woud be more of these in cresiano..., pic by angela wagner

paul was trying hard on "confessions" but somehow he had his problems to make the lefthand heel staying. so he went down on the crux-move again and again. after discussing some beta his left heel finally stayed just long enough to reach the crimp left hand - that was enough - controlling the wild swing was not looking to hard for him. and so he went on to top it out. nice one!!! and this time he did not messed it up on the last (6a) moves like some days before. i was allways sure that i woud be the only one to go down on that (6a) moves after coming from the sds... - well looks like i was not...;)

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  1. hello martin
    you've got some really nice photos!!! and keep the sends coming.