Sunday, November 21, 2010


swizzyweather is crazy sometimes. in chironico WHITE OUT  - is this allready the END of the chironico season?! for the last two weeks we had lots of rain what was bad, but SNOW is really BAD - it takes WAY longer to dry up.

webcam-view over chironico, 21-11-2010 - that looks BAD!!!
BUT there is still some hope: the weather-forecast does look pretty good for next week, hopfully its good enough to kill that snow again, we will see! for sure its still possible to climb on some boulders in the snow, but i dont really like it cause normally everything gets seeping wet or frozen. i prefer to make use of snow bit diffrently:

this is how to do it ;)  pic-source

but because of the mountains the weather in swizzy is HIGHLY regional. and as swizzy is so small it does not take too long to come from a snow-storm to sunny blue sky's. so you can sometimes just travel into antoher part of swizzy and find totally diffrent conditions and weather. like today in the valais.SUNNY and totally DRY. to bad i am lying at home with a flu :(

just a 3h ride from the snowy-ticino... sunny-martigny in the valais, area of the famous "radja"


  1. perfect conditions in branson yesterday...and low gravity too!!!

  2. yeppa, way to go gabri! congratulations to the SUPER classics!!!