Monday, July 19, 2010

can't wait for fall

therefore i will take my summerbreake right now. get some recovery from a long and hard season in which the weather just took me down three times in a row soooooo close before sending some of my nicest and hardest boulders ever. so hopefully it will be like in the past few years and i will come back in fall just a little bit stronger. and combined with slightly better weather i may will be able to do one or two more moves on diffrent boulderproblems, which will be enough to send...

for folks who are in the search for "neversummer" - this woud be the place to be right now, soooooooooo beautiful and NO crowds - just some nice and super motivated locals:

A few days at Castle Hill from derek thatcher on Vimeo.

and thats how i will escape the summer-heat in a non-climbing-way - fuerza... ;)

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