Monday, October 11, 2010

susten - EPIC

the new beta worked - i did the move i went down 7times allready - just to go down on the next move - with my tips on the second last hold... but the temps were just toooo high - 17C - on 2000m (CRAZY!!!) - i shoud have waited longer into the evening - i did not - slipped off - with the finishing-jug just in front of my face.

if you can hang arround with just a t-shirt at 2000m in the shade - ITS TOO warm to SEND - beginner mistake - kind off... ;)

... so i found an intermediate hold for that move - never used it before (for the last 6years!!!), just in case i start to slipp this the FINAL beta - or will the conditions be perfect for once - or will i be just strong enough for once - or will i be just lucky enough for once up there...???!!!

...we will see 2morrow... - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -

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