Sunday, October 17, 2010

FINAL day - EPIC it was...

... as it was NOT the best conditions, 4C is normally toooo cold for 15+moves (for me)
and as i was SUPER CLOSE on failing on the top-out (noooo good if so)...

BUT - ... lucky enough I was for once ;))))))))

so over 6years i dreamed of it, now i have done it:

IKARUS and the topout to it: DEADALUS

in the crux-sequence of IKARUS/DEADALUS (IKARUS ends at the traumland, next hold right) and DEADALUS (tops out)

topping out DEADALUS

2 minutes after topping out DEADALUS, the fog arrived

2min later, there was just 2C anymore and fog (humid as hell) everywhere - impossible to climb anymore - EPIC ending ;)

1day later; looks like i was "just in time" ;)

but all that was somehow just an "intermezzo" on the way to the "king-line" through the whole boulder. i now have ALL the beta i need, so see ya next year again: HIGHLANDER ;)

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