Sunday, July 14, 2013

setbacks... and a send :)

first try of the day; made it trough the undercling-move first try... BUT ICE-cold fingers - did let go here to save power for a second try... no way to climb through the upper crux with such cold fingers...

second try of the day ended here as well; made it again through the underclingmove but i pushed my left knee too much to the outside and down (watch the pic) - so my meniscus started to shift again and kind of locked... had to let it go again...

at least my girlfriend angela made use of the first really dry conditions since weeks in murg(s)tal and sent the very nice moves (on heinous holds) of "painful love" and did her first 7B+/C. i was again pretty impressed how much power she brings on such little shitty holds... WELL DONE!!!

angela stretched out to the max in the curx of "painful love 7B+/C" in murgtal.
movie-still from the send - believe me; you don't really want to hold on too much on that two-finger-right-hand-undercling/sidpull/pinch-pocket ;)

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