Monday, July 22, 2013

last day - last try - finally i hit that hold

i was THERE - i got that last hard move (hold)


 could not hold the swing...

i tried everything to make it happen; rested for three full days to be fully rested and beeing able to climb on totally dry holds for once (that really helps!!!), did some light activation the day before (easy climbing), had fueled my carbo-tanks, slept good and enough over days... it was the perfect go... just this millisecond more power... but well then, it would have had been too perfect... not enough drama... the last day before my summer break... after 10years.... sever injury(s)....  i even had figured out some new "no-cold-tips-anymore-beta" ;)

a method to push the blood out of my fingertips (and therefore getting good circulation for the next few minutes) without having to climb an 8A+ boulder for "fingerwarmup"

next day i was off for my summer break 
(to rebook the flight would have had been some 700$... but weather forecast for sustenpass was bad... so off i was...) 

getting some nice (little) waves in balangan (bali)
- nice summer to everybody - 
can't wait to get back to swizzy though... miss my girl!!! and i have to finish up some business up there on sustenpass this fall... more epic to come for sure... ;)

note how "not-cool" that is;
neo (with under 3% bodyfat you FREEZ (must be cool to do so?! or why i see so many dudes shivering in the lineup, spasms...?! may i should get a nice belly for some comfy warmth...;), knee protection 
(ok broken meniskus), booties (1m water over a sharp reef), big board (as a beginner, do you want to catch waves or just look cool?!).
 but i  am the only one who touched the reef and did NOT get nasty scars (ok, not cool again to have no scars...) and as i am getting 36 and have the loveliest girlfriend you can imagine... i do not need to be sooooo coool for 24/7 anymore... happy surfing... ;)

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