Saturday, February 11, 2012

rest day...kind of...

was planed for me... but everybody else was ripping like hell:

katharina sauerwein did quickly "sunshine 8A" , "mo mojo, 8A" and "le chnikel, 8A" all the same day... crazy!!!

kata warming up on "warm-up-roof"

remo sommer from swizzy crushed quickly "li, 8B", then flashed "liane, 8A" and later also flashed "le chnikel, 8A". two days before he flashed "rumble.., 8A+" and "the flame, 8A+". pretty productive 2days...

remo doing the hard crux move of "li, 8B" with ease

ryan got super close on everything that day...

natalie made short work with her project at warm-up-roof
natalie (and remo) focused... (click for big view)

jorg verhoeven  climbs so quickly through hard problems that i lost count on his many flashs and redpoints... (check his blog for some background infos)

after climbing through "slashface, 8B" pretty quickly, joerg tested the super sharp holds of  "evanglion, 8B" (no send yet...)

also our guide alex from swizzy climbed strong and got close on "butterpumper, 8A+" (no kneepad, climbs so nice without the crazy kneebars!!!)

alex going strong on "butterpumper, 8A+" (no kneepad)

watching all this psyche was just too much for me and my restday ended with me blowing the flash on "liane, 8A". but thanx to alex, i sorted out better beta and got it quickly in the bag.

going for the crux-crimp on "liane, 8A" - controlling the swing when releasing the left toe was the crux... nice and powerful little rig! 

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