Friday, April 1, 2011

hopefully murphy is RIGHT!!!

murphy's law: what can go wrong, will go wrong. SO TRUE!!!

it looks like the carrot is back:

three weeks ago i climbed for the first time into the last hard move from the lay-down-start. since then i feel physically ready to send but i keep falling at the very same last move and/or literally on every other move cause everytime goes "something" wrong, even with 3 or 4 restdays and feeling super strong:

-my fingers are icecold and i dryfire off...

-t was too dry and i just slipped off all the holds

-my heel and/or toe slipped off on various moves and pretty random

-i lost/slipped from the biggest jug and the easiest move

-my "leg-jam" slipped with the last hold in my fingers

may thats the price i have to pay for my terrible crazy and complicated beta i use. on EVERY single move a heel- and/or toehook is involved - and some are pretty unsecure..

the funny thing is that this "shit" happens normally when i am fresh and feeling strong. then on my second go, allready tired from the first one nothing goes wrong and i fight into the last move. but then i am just too tired an i explode. so i am still waiting that murphy has shown all of his eventualities. cause if everything that can happen will happen, then THE first go of the day when NOTHING goes wrong MUST come... otherwise i will have profen murphy wrong ;)

entering the crux of the "fisch". from the "einfisch-start" its getting a wurmup, from the "standing-start" of the full line it works ok. from the lay-down its getting closer and closer. i once was allready up on the lip then i slipped off... WTF???!!! pic by angela wagner

at least last week i was able to topout the "standing-start" of the fisch (four moves in on the first jug) for the first time. its a nice and regular "enduro-training" after falling at the last move from the low-start...

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