Wednesday, March 16, 2011


you may have seen the "moon" on the side of my blog allready. that means i am officially pimped to a moon(ie) :)

MOONCLIMBING is my first real sponsor (after a one-time gear/clothing support in the past by bd). like that i "give up" my years of "independent-underground-homie-blablabla" - but hey; i still buy my shoes and a lot (most) of the other stuff by myself. so it was not a 1'000'000$-deal. but thats fine with me as i am psyched to work together with a smaller but very fine brand from climbers for climbers.

check out my interview: moon(ie) interview

first blogpost for moon: moon blog (1)

second blogpost for moon: moon blog (2)

just a shame that shane at moon did not publish THAT profile-pic of me. dont know why - represents perfectly my "serious style..." - i think that would have had been very "british" ;))

mister "serious". pic by angela wagner


  1. Dude!!! Congrats!!! Damn, it's about time!

  2. well it would be about time that the best of our sport coud make some decent cash. but may its better like this, monney doesnt make things allways better!

    hope your lady is doing better!

  3. She's doing alot better and getting some PT done on her ankle to get the range of motion back. Hoping to get in shape for Fall.

    By the way, love that pic....looking suave...hamming it up for the ladies!

  4. grande Martin!!! the brand of power!!! you deserve it, and it's classy too!