Monday, April 18, 2016

one more try (day) and it will be done, they said

long but beautiful hike up to sustenbrüggli...

thanx for all the kind words after my last post. just one more try... thats what many thought. i knew better. i am always good for messing it up. haha. but have a look yourself how i can mess up rare days when you feel strong and and the conditions line up perfectly;

first go i felt really good, just a bit cold fingers, with high hopes i entered the crux and was giving all i had... when i slipped off the right foothold... lifted myself to high up and lost contact with my right foot.... beginner mistake

second go i got into the crux-move again; but somehow managed to punt on the deadpoint before, and did just have three fingers on the righthand crimp. no way i can do the crux move like that...

i just rested some 20min for my third go to avoid cold fingers... despite not really rested and feeling already bit tired everything went perfectly... i even got the hold... but was too tired to get the tension to hold the swing...  fitness is improving for sure... but why messing it up twice just to get through all the hard climbing already tired on my third go??? sometimes i really feel too stupid!!!

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  1. Progress is still progress! You'll get this, and when you do, it'll be even more glorious.