Friday, October 2, 2015

glorious punting

... well perfect conditions, the fog just stayed low enough... two days of rest... so this should had been THE DAY and a GLORIOUS SEND seemed inevitably...

BUT i punted like a REAL punter... (what else???!!!) not even made it once through the first crux... climbed the 8A-intro 8times with ease... but somehow i got not enough tension in my body for this heinous undercling move...

so what went wrong? first it seems the highpoint-burn last weekend had drained my body more then i thought and second the two "rest days" have not been filled with relaxing instagram and facebook activity... i had to work from 8am-10pm and 8am-6pm... and felt really exhausted.

and then i know this "can't-make-the-first-crux-secenario" too well from previous years. always when i get in real good enduro-shape i loose some kind of max-power. this year i wanted to work against that and planed to do some hang board sessions to keep strong. but my (on and off) finger-injury on the right hand that prevents me from pulling on the undercling-crux-hold like i would like also prevents me from doing hang board sessions.
and then i recognized that the specific muscles for this strange undercling-move get tired when i try them too often. i usually have to take a break for a week or two from that move and then it works normally quite solid again. but when you are 0.5 moves away from your 11year project, you feel fit as never before... and winter slowly is knocking on the door... you can't just "walk away"...  can you???!!!

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