Thursday, October 22, 2015

playing around in the comfort zone

saturday-night-fever on "rejigkavik low, 8B". close to the ground but great moves. great addition from local strong man ronny birchler - was far away from being able to climb the original beta!!! 

in between punting on the hard stuff its fun to just run around and tick some cool boulders in your comfort-zone. you don't have to think or worry too much about rest days, skin, conditions, shape, failure... you send fast... you feel strong... this is fun as for sure - but then... you never get to really learn and understand the moves... all the subtle micro-beta's that make the impossible suddenly possible... as you can just power through the moves. and you will never know where your limit really is - but then it has not to be limit every day, has it... ;)

in between burns on my project i managed to climb some nice (old and new) susten-classics, brilliant climbing for sure!!!

"bardarbunga, 8A+" (rejkiavik left exit, around 8A+ for the tall, way harder for the smaller) and "rejikavik low, 8B" are super cool compression-climbs. did have a nice late-night-session with nico down there after going down on the last move of the "highlander-project" in the afternoon early in the season... fitness-level was already improved for sure... ;)

bardarbunga climbs left - great moves!

and also "marakesch variante, 8A" (low on the lip, such a rad move)" and "marakesch, 8A" (so close to flash, stupid mistake at the end) have been super cool problems.

marakesch, 8A - super classic, super fun moves

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