Thursday, October 8, 2015

why i hate climbing on my limit sometimes

...finally a few days of holidays. perfectly rested. perfect shape. perfect weather and conditions in ticino for bouldering... (bit warm during the day, but quite nice in the evening)

.... perfect weather and conditions for surfing in france

...really cool weather for mountain biking


- SITTING AT HOME (and work) and WAIT -

because you can't train, you can't climb, you can't bike, you can't surf, you can't go on holidays, you can't eat, you can't climb... cause you would not be fit the next day(s) for your project). so you end up waiting FOR BETTER WEATHER at your PROJECT in the NORTH of SWIZZY.

climbing at your limit really makes you weak as well. you rest so much for the best weather and to be actually in the best shape (and save your skin)... with unpredictable swizzy-weather you end up just resting and not climbing anymore...

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