Monday, October 22, 2012

so close :(

pumped with ibuprofen - 2hrs after i ripped my hamstrings apart on the way of sending the "highlander"...

spent the day in the hospital for some checks, tomorrow i will know if i am out for 6-8weeks or for 4-6months... or more...

update tuesday: looks complicated, another doc needs to check the results of the tests, more info tomorrow..

update thursday: still not clear what way it will go, but its tending heavily towards surgery.... i was digging deep into medical papers the last two days.... so more into direction of 6-12months till full recovery/power... with a not unlikely risk (whatever treatment) of never beeing able to hook properly anymore... (i will keep my fingers crossed!!!)


  1. tomorrow i will get the results from the tests... i really hope i don't need surgery...

  2. Nooooooooo!!!
    Damn Martin, really sorry to hear this!!!
    All the best, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!!!

  3. hey lorenzo, thanx but it will (in every case) NOT be a speedy recovery. i would just be happy to be able to climb properly in 6-12months again. will keep you updated as soon as i know more from my docs...

    have a nice fall/winter, pics from michele from amiata are looking just so nice!