Wednesday, June 6, 2012

magic wood news!!!

i am really happy that we finally have a real boulder-meet-bar-restaurant-lounge in avers (magic wood) with really nice hosts which are local climbers as well and who are in touch with local community to handle all the problems considering the impact of the boulderers. and you have nearly daily update on conditions on their face-book-site ;)

the guesthouse "generoso"

thomas and his lovely wife science with their kids from the "bodhi-climbing" - (who run the camping as well) are now (since start 2012) running the restaurant "edelweiss" (and the guesthouse "generoso"). so drop by to take a beer, dinner after climbing. they deserve our support to get their business started!

and his lovely wife; science
the host; thomas (committing in "höhenrausch, 7B+")

youngest bodhi-team-member; alicia

  • they make great food 
you must try their THAY CURRY!!! (the perfect boulder-food and one of the best i ever had!!!) and especially convenient for boulderers, you get dinner till late at night!!! so when you intend to climb longer in the evening and don't want to cook by yourself but still like to have some nice food; give them a phone that you come in late or order some food in the afternoon and you will get your curry (or whatever) till late at night...

angela and mirjam ready for the tasty curry

  • ice cold beer/ wine/ regional liquer/ everything liquid you need
no need for words here, fuels youre forearms immediately ;)

  • a cosy lounge with FREE WIFI, TV, VID to hang out... watch the UEFA EURO 2012 (soccer)  and the Olympic Games up there this summer! (but hey; order at least a beer or two... as you are using their infrastructure) 
the lounge and little shop...

watch the euro 2012... if you are into soccer (and beer ;)
  • a woody where you can climb/train during bad weather

more holds are on the way...

  • little boulder/climbing-shop with everything you need

the little shop

  • hot shower  for the guests staying at the camping (3chf)
or you get your bikini and shower in the river.... ;)
there are rumors they will visit magic wood this summer as well... ;)


  1. don't know when I'll manage to visit them and you, but...

  2. hello,
    im going here for 3 weeks, and since im a girl i want to ask how is it with showers?
    i have no problem with the rover, but i heart that it is reaaaaally cold:)

  3. the river IS cold, but thats nice when its warm ;) when you like to have a warm shower you can go to the guesthouse to shower (3-5chf)