Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summer... ???

same place, same season, same view - 
anyone catches the difference ?

never ever seen something like that in the last 30years... -
this is not 3600m (12'000ft) - its 1900m (6'200)... and end of june... ;)


  1. haha, looks all great to me! only advantages for you: no pads needed and you didn't miss out on anything while nursing your finger ;-)

  2. @andreas: its at sustenpass...

    @indigo: well the meadow up there is dumped with 4m of snow... but the highlander-boulder is totally free of snow and dry... so could not resist and i had my first session ;) climbed pretty good (after 4weeks rest) and there is just one move where my finger got stressed... but seems like my finger is not ready yet, next day it was fat-finger as hell... but it goes away faster then before... it told you i am getting oder... ;)