Monday, October 10, 2011

crazy "fall" in swizzy

"fall" in the north???!!!

30min away: fall looks better in the south (but up to 27C at wednesday!!!)

well we had also 3 very nice weeks in the north. but it was more summer then fall. and what i feared happend: BAMMM: and WINTER. at least in the very south its good weather (up to 27C!!! at wednesday!!!). thats nice especially as i have two weeks of holidays now. BUT it does not look like its my time of the year: it seems i did something wrong while cleaning up our cellar last saturday, really painful!!! so no ticino.

but electrostimulation and massage helped a lot. THANX to angela! it looks it is "just over-use" of the lower back-muscles (5hrs of moving stuff around). so i am positive to get down to ticino soon. AND if weather cooperates (a little bit)  i will go BACK to SUSTENPASS next week as WELL even if have to DIG out that boulder and cover every single hold with aluminium-foil cause it will be all wet... the last 7years october was always prim-time up at sustenpass. often we have been able to climb into half of november. so i will not give up at the start of october - NO WAY!!!

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