Monday, October 3, 2011

epic mode

warm-up at the exit-moves of "deadalus",  angela taking pics. pic © ikuko serata

i am definitely into "epic mode" again - after going down on the LAST HARD move some days ago, i managed to climb into the two last hard moves TWICE in the same day. i never thought it to be possible for me to climb twice through 8B+ - terrain in the same day. that was great, but i would have had preferred to climb just once so far, but then one move further...

one move before the move in the pic i lost a toehook (again) which just took the power for the last move (again). pic © ikuko serata

on the weekend it was soooooo warm (the rock just heated up too much), i had to overpower every move so hard that i just exploded going for the crux-move... i am READY to send, i climbed already 5times into the last two moves, but i have to get that ONE DAY when everything fits in perfectly!

to spice things up the weather will change to cold and SNOWY on thursday/friday. that means i have one more day before it may already gets too cold and too wet for this season! EPIC MODE at its best... reminds me at last year. hopefully it will be the same as last year and i will top-out my project right before winter hits!!!

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