Thursday, November 18, 2010

not 20 anymore...

...just one restday and bad conditions do not fit together tooo wellllllllll for me.during 2days from going down at the last move twice to not beeing able to reproduce the first move anymore. well i did the move after 3hrs of working on it (and nearly climbing the standingstart in between) with a diffrent beta, from which i thought it woud be too hard???!!! bouldering sometimes is totally iliogical ;) at least it was a beautiful sunny morning as we were warming up - that really saved the day ;)

that f**** starting-move ;) pic by ronny

and with three restdays i climbed again to the last move... but thats "nothing", the real business starts right there.... - its slowly turning into (another) epic ;)

it cant get better, well it coud if it stayed like that for two weeks... 

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