Monday, March 31, 2014

driving crazy

...well after 3 rest days i was feeling strong with good skin, may it was a bit warm (17C), but i felt good and i went a muerte - for 3hrs i was going crazy at that start sequence of "insanity" -  but was again NOT able to link it - WTF??????!!!!!

looking back to the last two weeks an interesting fact is that if it was less then 15C i was able to do it, if it was warmer it just did not work. so i needed a "plus-15C-beta".....  i have some 10different ways i can grab almost static to the jug... if i go a bit dynamic i swing out - that last 2cm are just too much for me... i went back to re-check this start moves again (for the 1001time...) and i really managed to find a very hard but more "in control" way to do it - but at the end of the day i was too tired to link it all together...

finally found a "plus-15C-beta" for me???!!!
next day i was totally trashed, bad skin, super tired and it was very warm. i spotted my girlfriend and some friends. normally i don't climb (hard) stuff and for sure not the same thing as the day before on a second day. but i was curious if my new start beta would work... at 6pm it still was 18C - but together with my girlfriend i went back to the 101sector. 

second try i made it trough the start.... and fell off shortly after due to total fatigue.... hahahahah.... was this now just luck... or is this my new beta????????  interesting also that despite higher temps also the sloperrailpart felt way better then the day before.... - and angie pointed me to a way more secure beta at the end - all thats seems just to god to be true... i will make the "reality check" in a few days - stay tuned - fat cat is NOT giving in... ;)

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