Thursday, November 8, 2012

358days to go: back home - the outlook....

the surgeon is very pleased with the result. the ligaments and the muscles are back attached to the bone with two screws/anchors. so everything went perfectly fine. i am very happy about that, and everybody here in the hospital took great care and they were very motivated, that helped a LOT!!! you can't imagine how much a smile helps when you feel like a piece of sh**!!!

you can clearly see the two anchors (to which the hamstrings are attached now).

the first night however was though. no slepp, constant pain like hell and not even morphine helped... was close on going totally crazy... the second night went MUCH better - constant iceing my but was the key!!! and now the pain has decreased a lot... but then my autonomic nervous system  was playing bad games all night with me... i was for 6 days in the hospital, till pain decreased enough to be tolerated with regular painkillers (very thankfull for that, in the us they send you home the same day surgery is completed (sic!).

the way to the next epic... i will get you "highlander", not now, but i will get you... ;)

for the next 6weeks i am not aloud to sit or to move too much around in order to prevent my hamstrings from any tension so the ligament can heal properly. so i will lay in bed all day long, but will try to stand on my good leg for as long as possible and getting some upper body work-out done with some rubberband. 6weeks may sound not sooo long, but try once to just lay around for 6straight days and you get an idea... especially when you are used to daily sport!

back home- fighting with different "problems" ;)

then after 2months (if everything go my es fine) i will have to "relearn" how to walk properly and then (may bit earlier) i will be able start first ever hangboard/campusboard-training as well. but it will take at least 6months to be back to climbing, more realistic 9-12months. but thats an investment in my future. the next 6-12months will be hard, but when everything goes fine my leg will work good for the next 40years of climbing and even more important is that i will be able to just walk normally again!!!


  1. Hey Martin,
    it's great to read you ever positive mindset! It really helps me. After the rehab/fingerboarding/campusing process, next year you'll climb your project in your flip-flops!
    "5 minutes, sooo soft! Syked baby!"

  2. hey lorenzo, yep, i think thats a really go target to set; may not doing the "highlander" in flipflops (not steep enough) but doing a: "5minutessoooftdudedudelingingbabyblablaiamsoooostrong-ascent" sounds perfect to me (and yep, i will downgrade it immediately after my ascent cause i am soooo brave and hummer... - or i will upgread it because no repeat yet, or a slashgrade or just forget to grade.... ;))