Wednesday, November 14, 2012

352days to go - breaking bad - or make it happen

two weeks since surgery, still lying around on the couch most of the time but pain is decreasing and i am slowly getting better.

i am so thankful for my lovely girlfriend angela who was been with me and cared for me from the very first second after the injury. she put me back down from the "highlander", took and takes care of everything, organizing everything in the background, made an appointment possible with the sportsdoc in this sportsclinic, was with me every day in hospital, drove me around to all the appointments, organised physiotherapy at the best spot... and so on.

well angela makes it happen... - don't know what i would do without her... kissssssssss ;)

especially if you take in account that just two days after my injury some stupid kid crashed into angela's car, what gave and gives her some great pain on her back and shoulder... and obviously we had no car anymore... perfect timing...

looks like no "big deal" but the whole car was "compressed" from the back to the front... - game over...

breaking bad?????? well not angela... she is a though girl, so she went on to "lift" our bed as i am not able/aloud the bend my hips. well she took care of that as well, very glad with the outcome and i am very proud of her - she is just the best :)

how to lift that bed some 40cm... 
taking out the "roast", fixing it on some wooden planks

putting this inflatable mat on top... (don't ask about the hairdryer;)

put the sleeping-mat on top... and yep "catalina"is always first to try... ;)

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