Tuesday, March 6, 2012

still feeling shitty + rainy all day = climbing even stronger again....???

my cold was (is) killing me, but as there was nice weather forecasted for ticino (still warm and nice) i HAD to go down to make use of these good conditions.. thanx to the cold my head felt like exploding but with some "drugs" in my system i could handle that - thanx to my local pharmacy ;) so off i was to chironico. as i arrived in ticino raindrops started to fall - so much to the swizzy weather-forecast...

"nice"-weather looks different...
but hey, don't let yourself stop from the elements, i just had to protect the mantel from the rain...(don't even think about the 6M slabby, wet topout...)  and went down to the start to climb that rig!
motivation is everything ;)

despite the obviously lousy conditions (100%humidity) i went for the low-down-start - pulled on - and BIG surprise - got it together, but just was not perfect in the jug-slot. i tried to readjust in the transition to the second part - and went down - bummer. for the next  40min i tried again but was unable to put it together once more. i just slipped off the holds on every possible move. but thats normal, i can do that startsequence once a day if i am lucky - not more... for sure the hardest 4moves i have ever done.

lost my pinky right-hand on the slot and
...went down on the match/transition; not happy for a second... 
 i think you don't need a translation here ;)

then i rested for 20min and went for the sit-down-start. this time i got the slot better, fighted my way up to the the final mantel again. 
and went down again on the mantel.... *bummer*....that mantel def. feels hard coming from all the way down, did not expect it to feel that hard. but its not just a hard move, its also very strange move with your heel over your heed. may i should got to font for some training ;)
to finish the day i had another training-go from the standingstart in the roof. i made it again up to the mantel. my resistance seems to adapt nicely. and given the conditions that day was GREAT progress. i climbed well despite poorest friction and arriving at the mantel i did not felt tired as last time. now i am sitting at home and after a day of working the cold hit back again (logically: drugs are NOT the answer *lol*) and put me into bed. but psyche is HIGH and i can't wait for THE day when i AND the conditions do feel great.... - must feel like a hike in the park then ;)

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