Thursday, April 17, 2014

holidays ahead...

... and weather turns to really bad ç%*%&/"+Pè£!£è


  1. Nevermind Martin, it could be worse...
    I trained for eight months, four to six sessions per week, only to fu*k up my left knee four days before going on holiday to try my project...

  2. heyo lore.... well that really sucks... did this happen just right know? it always can be worse... doesn't it....?! but i can keep up... just torn my hamstrings and fu*cked up my right knee... i made my way up to the 3rd last move of "insanity" even without really hooking with my right leg... but to climb this boulder which has basically JUST right hooks without really put weight on the hooks is just too hard for me... that sucks cause i finally can "hike" the 8B+ part.... so i changed to another project to give my hamstrings a break... there i climbed to the second last move as well and f*ucked up my knee... then i had one last plan "B" (where you don't really need a right leg at all) climbed to the second last move as well and now it looks like it will rain for the next two weeks.... hahahahaha - f*ck all that - i will start playing (indoor) chess - WORD!!!

  3. Ahahahahahah!
    Holy sh*t Martin, that's very kind of you to keep up with my injury, but really you shouldn't have!
    No problem my friend, you know that we'll always keep going for it, don't you?

  4. always.... but we may should consider chess... seriously...;)