Sunday, April 27, 2014

getting closer - getting inspiration - WIDE BOYZ lecture - hardest crack boulder in the world?!

getting the crimp but going down the next (second last) move of the crux of the "hasi-project" - is this getting a drama as usual? but feeling stronger then other days - all in all: plan "A" feels just great....;)

but still having a great time - "wurm up" at winter wonderland sustenpass.... - as good as it gets ;)

few days later there was a great lecture form the WIDE BOYZ (check their blog!) at minimum-bouldering in zuerich. i had in mind some news about pete and tom climbing "cobra crack, 8c". but hey, "everybody" climbs at last 9a these days... and this crack had been climbed a few times already... and as it comes with some blank news i had no clue at ALL!!!

it was great to see the effort and dedication from PETE and TOM to be able to climb the hardest crack-climbs in the world. it was also very good to see some other "non-wonder-kids" putting in the time and (lots of) effort and finally succeed and make their dreams reality. i highly recommend the lecture!!! it was very funny, good anecdotes and insights - they did a great job and you could really feel their dedication and effort! if you missed them go and buy the dvd's (or just download part1 and part2), totally worth the money and a huge inspiration!!! may this was just the little bit of inspiration i needed myself... and bit of partying till 3am... ;)

to give tom and pete some inspiration back i pointed them to another direction: after the hardest offwidth-crack and hardest finger-crack - what about the hardest "boulder-crack".... ;) there is a possible low-start to the may hardest crack-boulder in the world "supertussi, 8B" in Brione (was one of the oldest projects in brione, no repetition till today) - with the lowstart it will get into the 8C-area for sure!!! well the line is far away from being as impressive as cobracrack or the centurycrack... but it's there - waiting to be climbed... in reality it does look better then on the pic below and at least it's on the best rock in the world... so it won't hurt as much as cobra-crack in squamish - i promise... ;)

on the FA of the hardest?! crackboulder of the world: "supertussi, 8B", brione - still unrepeated!

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