Monday, October 28, 2013

one day - twice...

going down on the last move of highlander... weather and conditions were perfect; warm, dry, bit windy.... felt very strong, did no mistake, climbed solid... just got a little bit too cold fingers climbing into the crux and got tired one second too early... sooooooooo close to the perfect day!!! at least twice an 8B+ in a day: i am back in real shape i guess ;) just need one more day before winter hits... will i be lucky for once or will i have to wait another 6months??? tension rising... ;)


  1. focus on the move after "the last move"!

  2. @ schof; i will give my best... is my very intention every time i pull off that starting holds ;)

    @ indigo; i will try that 2morrow and tell you if it worked, if not - it's your fault... ;)