Thursday, June 6, 2013

up and doooownnnnnn....

i am getting close to 8months since surgery and finally i start feeling (somewhat) STRONG again with my hamstrings, even when its steep climbing and you have to push pretty hard. its not over yet, some disconfort here and there and not as strong as the other side yet, BUT i did my first heelhooks with quite some load and it feels SOLID ;)

getting STRONG - you know how to do it.... ;)

to not have an overdose of "good-news" i have some pretty BAD news a well. i somehow managed to crush my meniscus of the left knee (it was just a twisted knee after a little bump into the pads and its the "other", no-surgery-yet-knee). it's not too bad, no pain, just bit water in the knee. but it's not a good sign at all that my knee was completely locked already twice... 

after 8months of being super careful and 3-4times pt/week (100sessions...) and finally feeling somehow ready to go outdoors again i am def NOT READY for another 6MONTH REHABPLAN.... i will get an MRI on friday and hopefully will know more by then.... !!!

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