Thursday, May 16, 2013

first time on rock again ;)

it was a nice half-day out in the murgstal: everybody ripping; angela coming closer and closer to "painful love, 7C"... (i can't even imagine to hold such little shitty holds...) and ronny is battling down his traverse project... looks super hard and super cool... (and he just went down on the last move two days ago..) ...and aldo was taking nice pics of everybody - thanks aldo!

angela getting super close on the heinous crux-move (you don't really want to pull on that right-hand hold at all!!!)  of "painful love, 7C" .... pic by aldo tonazzi

ronny battling hard for the FA of his RAD 8X-ish project...  pic by aldo tonazzi

and i was first time on rock since 6.5 months .. ;) it was strange to climb on rock again after 2months of just indoor. i felt like a beginner again who was searching for that next red foothold... - and i am still pretty restricted in the moves by my leg... (and the holds were sharp, i had no skin and everywhere this little scrambling black bastardos called: ticks's...) - but it was great fun nevertheless... ;)

month 3 after surgery...

see the difference ;)

month 7 after surgery...
getting some air on my first 7A+ - i can really push on my right leg again (if its not too steep) ... ;) pic by aldo tonazzi


  1. hey cooooooool! finally the frankenjura beer did it's job :-)

    which ticks do you mean? the white little bastards on the rock or the black little bastards on your legs ;-)

    @angie: wow! superstark! den martin hast ja sauber abgehängt!

  2. yep - es lebe der kraftstoff ;) the black bastdards on your legs.... just going crazy about them.... never saw so much of these - even in chironico last weekend!!!

    und ja, die angie mich sauber stehengelassen ;)

  3. Good news Martin!!!
    Glad to see you all cranking!

  4. Glad you are back on rock again, Martin!

    About the ticks.. they must have loved the shitty weather we've been having this year.. Try the yellow "anti insect zecken" spray from Migros. It came first in Ktip test and I haven't found one of these nasty buggers on my legs since I spray them with it a couple of times during a day out in the wild :)

  5. @lore: more cracking... - may i just killed my meniskus on my other leg :( - you already made it to chiro with your ladies?

    @adi: thanx a LOT, will get the yellow one asp!!! see you at the party ;)

  6. Hey Martin!
    Of course I didn't! Do you think that I'll come with four girls without telling you? I'm not that young anymore!
    Jokes apart, we would like to come as soon as possible, but this weather is really annoying! Is there a place that is climbable? We could come over at the beginning of June, so maybe Gottardo?