Monday, December 3, 2012

330days to go - 5weeks post surgery

finally the swelling went down a lot, pain level decreased, no pain meds needed anymore, still can't sit, still on crutches, but on the weekend i was out for dinner and for a movie (sitting on my left side), that was great!!! but still the most time of the day is (has to be) spent on the couch. its getting better little bit day by day... but its still a long way...

cat for lunch... ;)

...i think i will be able to handle the physical aspect of this injury pretty ok but its getting really mental as i will just miss the entire winter-season, my absolutely favourite season and especially as it presents itself like this year: it just started to snow really heavy in the northern part of swizzy and it does not look like it will stop for next few days to dump powder and at the same time, ticino bouldering areas did not get snow yet and profit from unusual nice conditions for this part of the season.


this year i will be the one UNDER the fog...

that means perfect bouldering (as you have seen on the sick FA's and reps in ticino over the last weeks) and a perfect start of the winter for snowboarding. especially for these many days where the villages in the valley are covered in fog, its just soooo great then to escape into the mountains, enjoying sun, blue sky, pow and never ending freedom... nothing better then going for some first-lines in deep pow in the morning and getting some bouldering done in the afternoon.  still wondering how i will deal with that without going mad and without driving my girlfriend crazy...


  1. Hey Martin, nicht den Kopf hängen lassen :)
    Es gibt wunderschöne Seiten des Nichtbewegenmüssens. So viel kreative Sachen: Symphonien komponieren, Literatur, philosophiesche Abhandlungen und politische Statements schreiben, die nächste Kunstausstellung in New York vorbereiten, den üblichen Krams halt...
    Und sei lieb zu deinem Engel an deiner Seite!

    CU und Cheers, Chris

  2. Get well soon martin but dont rush it! All the best

  3. hehehe, über diese wunderschönen sachen des nichtbewegenmüssens reden wir dann in 10jahren nochmals... ;) mir ist ein gewisses "gleichgewich" wichtig... wenn ich mich GAR NICHT MEHR bewegen kann, dann wirds schwierig... aber jetzt darf ich aufs ergometer-bike... kommt alles besser ;)