Sunday, December 23, 2012

316days to go - 7weeks post surgery - long path of pt started

had an appointment with my surgeon: healing goes fine. finally i will be able to ditch crutches and WALK again... GREAT feeling!!!

i have been doing a lot of e-stimualtion to avoid too much atrophy and to not loose all my muscle coordination - still quite a quad for a "boulder-chicken"... ;)

but as physiotherapy can really start now, i can do many more things and finally i am cleared to hit the bike. so i went on to get what you need for the bike... ;)

ok, first just a stationary bike... ;) despite everything goes fine, it still needs a lot of time for healing... till jogging some 8more weeks, till toprope-climbing at least another 4months, bouldering mimimum 6 more months (my doc tends more to 9more months...). so i am not sure if it will work out with my "365days-back-plan..." but i will play around on some tools to not loose too much... it's the the first time ever for me on a "training-board"...

we can't drill it up, so i have to find another solution to put that up....

in between you need some original fuel... "franken-beer" is the best ... ;)

working on some x-mas presents with angie....

and our "new x-mas-tree"... ;) merry x-mas to everybody and see you next year!!!

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  1. Great news Martin!!!
    I don't want to think about how strong you'll be after rehab and Beastmaking!!!